Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer 2010

I got the chance to be on “The Glades” this summer!  I was Jeff’s friend at his birthday party, I believe the episode was called “A Bird in the Hand”.

I got to be part of the Harry Potter Commercial, and booked a print job and an industrial as well. I’m most excited about the many film roles and the adventure they brought.

I had the exciting opportunity to be a stunt fighter in “The Cost of Vengeance”.  I got the chance to train and learn fight choreography for this role.

In “Strega”, I am Sebastian or Sebby the cameraman who is upset over being bewitched into a dog and then into his teenage self - you know, having to go through the horror of puberty again.

I participated in the Orlando 48 hour film project this year and played AJ a techie fall guy in “CyberPawn”.  My character got arrested just off Lake Eola and stopped traffic.  It was a great experience and hope to get the chance to do it again.

Another interesting role involved doing underwater filming where I play the dead and alive version of Michael in “Rust”. Michael is a young teenager in love who goes to great lengths to help his sweetheart. I underwent some scuba training for this role.

I got to play Special Agent Simon in “Kindred”, another Stories of the Paranormal production. I  also participated in a PSA for Torch Ministry directed at Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents.  I play a teen with a gun - yes, the bad guy.

I am continuing to do the voiceover role of Jerry in the internet webisode called “Soulmates”.

I took Lori Wyman’s workshop in Miami this summer, I continue to participate in a weekly improv workshop and take scene study and character development coaching at Star Catcher Studios.  I attended Karen Storms two day workshop this summer as well.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Start - June 2010

 I got the Craig Soldinger Memorial Educational Scholarship through the FMPTA. 
 I’ve also had many rehearsals and shoots.  I performed on stage with “Orlando the TV Show…on Stage” at the Cameo Theatre in downtown Orlando. 

I just finished shooting my scenes in  ”Street Villains” with Jet Black Productions.  I am Monty the copyboy.  
I also worked on another webisode called “Legend of the Stones”.  I am an annoying younger brother, Zeus.  
I played John, a spoiled rich young man, in “Fire Me, Please”.   

I also just got done playing a dark, twisted character called Todd Craven in “Saving Amy”.   I had to punch a mirror out for that role.  

We have just started shooting “Cost of Love” with JB Productions.  I play a nerdy kind of character called Joe.  

I am working with Full Sail again in a film called “John Tell” and I am….John Tell.  I am also working on another Full Sail film called “CSI: Jamaica” and I play Tommy the main character. 

I am working on another Stories of the Paranormal series called “Indigo”.  I am Ryder discovering my special ability.   

I have been having private acting sessions with a coach to help me prepare for roles and auditions. I attended an earprompter workshop with the Lisa Maile school.  I am also getting additional Improv training with Greg Johnson. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Activity - March 2010

I got the role of “Goth Kid” in a Full Sail 16mm titled “Period”.  I had a great time working with the Full Sail students.   

I got to do another episode of “Stories of the Paranormal”.  In “Episode 11: Her Name Was Rachel”  I get the lead role of Ryder.  Guess what?  In this one I DON”T die!!! 
There is a premiere at the Royal Oak Village Shopping Center theatres on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.  Please let me know if you will be able to attend! 
I have been an extra on the television series “Walk on Water”. I also booked a role in “Viva Humanity”.  I am getting to play a zombie again! 

I am doing voiceovers for a new internet webshow called “Soulmates”.  My character is Jerry and he is the host of a “reality show”.   
I also got the chance to do a photoshoot with Magical Midway. You can see me on their website .  I am on the Directions and Contact Us page. 
I have also landed a swing role on “Orlando the TV Show…on Stage”.  I will make my debut, at the Cameo Theatre downton, on April 6th.  Let me know if you can make it to the show. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of the First Year -2009

I completed another teleprompter workshop with WKMG and had the chance to attend a voiceover and hosting workshop with Cartwheel entertainment. 

I booked featured extra roles in the films “Havok” and “Opus”.  I am currently playing Ray (a supporting role) in the film “Tagged” shooting in Tampa.  

I played a zombie in an internet webisode titled “Zeik’s Bad Day”. 

I had some exciting supporting roles in a couple of internet episodes of “Stories of the Paranormal”.  In “Episode 8: The Watcher”  I play Danny and in “Episode 9: No Second Chances” I play Eric.  I get killed in both. 

I also had the opportunity to be in a few music videos as well!  I play the principal in John Wesley’s “Falling into Fallen”.  I was featured in Leethal Music’s “Give U My Life”  and in Little Italy aka L.I.’s “Ice Cream” music videos, both of which are posted on Youtube.  or
 There was also an impromptu live webcam with L.I. after the screening of the video and it’s posted on (link available from my Facebook or youtube page).

I had the chance to work with a green screen while doing a voiceover for a show promo for Cartwheel Entertainment as well.  

I also booked a print job for Blue Man Group’s Refresh campaign and had a blast! I have some exciting news. 

I got to play featured roles in two movies that I worked on in the fall.  I played Corey the bully in “Johnny Apocalypse” produced by Red Pencil Productions.  I also got to be the mean girl’s cute and cool boyfriend in “An Eye for an Eye” produced by Miami International University.

I attended John Peros’s Commercial Audition Workshop for Kids and Teens this month.  I also took some lessons to polish up on my skating skills.