Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer 2010

I got the chance to be on “The Glades” this summer!  I was Jeff’s friend at his birthday party, I believe the episode was called “A Bird in the Hand”.

I got to be part of the Harry Potter Commercial, and booked a print job and an industrial as well. I’m most excited about the many film roles and the adventure they brought.

I had the exciting opportunity to be a stunt fighter in “The Cost of Vengeance”.  I got the chance to train and learn fight choreography for this role.

In “Strega”, I am Sebastian or Sebby the cameraman who is upset over being bewitched into a dog and then into his teenage self - you know, having to go through the horror of puberty again.

I participated in the Orlando 48 hour film project this year and played AJ a techie fall guy in “CyberPawn”.  My character got arrested just off Lake Eola and stopped traffic.  It was a great experience and hope to get the chance to do it again.

Another interesting role involved doing underwater filming where I play the dead and alive version of Michael in “Rust”. Michael is a young teenager in love who goes to great lengths to help his sweetheart. I underwent some scuba training for this role.

I got to play Special Agent Simon in “Kindred”, another Stories of the Paranormal production. I  also participated in a PSA for Torch Ministry directed at Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents.  I play a teen with a gun - yes, the bad guy.

I am continuing to do the voiceover role of Jerry in the internet webisode called “Soulmates”.

I took Lori Wyman’s workshop in Miami this summer, I continue to participate in a weekly improv workshop and take scene study and character development coaching at Star Catcher Studios.  I attended Karen Storms two day workshop this summer as well.

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