Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of the First Year -2009

I completed another teleprompter workshop with WKMG and had the chance to attend a voiceover and hosting workshop with Cartwheel entertainment. 

I booked featured extra roles in the films “Havok” and “Opus”.  I am currently playing Ray (a supporting role) in the film “Tagged” shooting in Tampa.  

I played a zombie in an internet webisode titled “Zeik’s Bad Day”. 

I had some exciting supporting roles in a couple of internet episodes of “Stories of the Paranormal”.  In “Episode 8: The Watcher”  I play Danny and in “Episode 9: No Second Chances” I play Eric.  I get killed in both. 

I also had the opportunity to be in a few music videos as well!  I play the principal in John Wesley’s “Falling into Fallen”.  I was featured in Leethal Music’s “Give U My Life”  and in Little Italy aka L.I.’s “Ice Cream” music videos, both of which are posted on Youtube.  www.youtube.com/AJNickell  or www.facebook.com/ajnickell
 There was also an impromptu live webcam with L.I. after the screening of the video and it’s posted on www.justin.tv (link available from my Facebook or youtube page).

I had the chance to work with a green screen while doing a voiceover for a show promo for Cartwheel Entertainment as well.  

I also booked a print job for Blue Man Group’s Refresh campaign and had a blast! I have some exciting news. 

I got to play featured roles in two movies that I worked on in the fall.  I played Corey the bully in “Johnny Apocalypse” produced by Red Pencil Productions.  I also got to be the mean girl’s cute and cool boyfriend in “An Eye for an Eye” produced by Miami International University.

I attended John Peros’s Commercial Audition Workshop for Kids and Teens this month.  I also took some lessons to polish up on my skating skills.