Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Start - June 2010

 I got the Craig Soldinger Memorial Educational Scholarship through the FMPTA. 
 I’ve also had many rehearsals and shoots.  I performed on stage with “Orlando the TV Show…on Stage” at the Cameo Theatre in downtown Orlando. 

I just finished shooting my scenes in  ”Street Villains” with Jet Black Productions.  I am Monty the copyboy.  
I also worked on another webisode called “Legend of the Stones”.  I am an annoying younger brother, Zeus.  
I played John, a spoiled rich young man, in “Fire Me, Please”.   

I also just got done playing a dark, twisted character called Todd Craven in “Saving Amy”.   I had to punch a mirror out for that role.  

We have just started shooting “Cost of Love” with JB Productions.  I play a nerdy kind of character called Joe.  

I am working with Full Sail again in a film called “John Tell” and I am….John Tell.  I am also working on another Full Sail film called “CSI: Jamaica” and I play Tommy the main character. 

I am working on another Stories of the Paranormal series called “Indigo”.  I am Ryder discovering my special ability.   

I have been having private acting sessions with a coach to help me prepare for roles and auditions. I attended an earprompter workshop with the Lisa Maile school.  I am also getting additional Improv training with Greg Johnson.