Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of another not so lazy summer - 2011

Yet another summer has flashed by a little too quickly.   Somehow, the days got away from me.
When summer started, I was still in the middle of two projects - a feature and a short. I was going to get done with them and then take it easy.  I started out relatively well, I started working with an acting coach I really admire and respect.  I attended a few film festivals and just enjoyed the experience.  I wrote an article for the entertainment magazine by Steve Holmes Now The June SHN Ent Magazine 1.

I was then invited to audition for a lead role in a short movie “The Wind” and booked it.  I got the chance to 
play a range of emotions through my character - Sam.  I dance, I fight, I love and survive.  

While I was auditioning for “The Wind”, just for fun I auditioned for another role in a student film and booked that as well.  

I was then invited to audition for two other projects and booked them too.  In “In Between” I got to play a vicious bully.  In the feature, “The Station”, I am an off-the-wall rapper called DJ Reck. 
I also booked a commercial for The Stenotype Institute.

Now summer is on it’s last legs and high school’s right around the corner.  Let’s hope I don’t run into it. :D
I’m planning on going to regular school full-time so it’s a good thing I know how to juggle…metaphorically speaking.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remind you of anyone, hmm?

I hear that I look like some past and/or present actors. When I have looked back at images of them, some I can agree with and others eh…not so much.

Post a name and/or picture of the person you think I look like. Do you think I resemble someone?