Thursday, January 5, 2012

Info you can use: Video Camera White Balance


This article is about one thing and one thing only: white balancing!   On a video camera that is.  The article first explained what the term “white balance” means.   It said that it basically means “color balance”.

Now, the article went on to explain the three main terms that describe white balance features. One is completely automatic, the other is adjustable through the camera itself while others require fully manual filter changes and lens additions.  The article recommends white balancing before every shoot, every time you go indoors, outdoors, if you change the lighting set up, etc.   The article notes that even though your eye may not notice the changes, the camera will, so beware.

The article gave some insight as to how much white should be in the frame for the camera to white balance.   80% is what Sony suggests.   I also learned that it takes a few seconds, typically, before the camera adjusts.

Now, the article does go on to say that advanced camera operators will purposefully change the white balance to be bluer or more orange for a certain effect.   To make it warmer or cooler basically.

Why I chose it:  

I chose this article because it reinforces what I have learnt about White Balancing. This article gives some visual references about the situations when lighting is too blue or orange because of the white balance.   This article gave some crucial advice that I felt might be useful to know.
I came across this article and thought, “This is perfect!”  since I've been learning why white balance is used and how it can help the camera to see the colors correctly.


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