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Info you can use: Film Production Apps

Film production Apps
From scriptwriting to storyboard composers, iPad and iPhone assistants for all areas of filmmaking    


This article is all about how today’s iPad and iPhone have revolutionized the way we do things on and off set. The article talks about six different apps that focus on different areas of production.
The first app is all about script writing. The app is called Scripts Pro and it allows you to create and edit new scripts along with the ability to use files from Celtx and the industry standard Final Draft Pro. A great thing about this product is that it makes for a cheap alternative to Final Draft Pro with a low price of $6 on iTunes.

The next app comes from the creative geniuses at Cinemek with their app, “Hitchcock Storyboard Composer.” The app allows you to make a storyboard incorporated with notes, audio clips, and pictures. After you finish creating your storyboard you can create a PDF file to playback as a video! This nifty tool is only $20 on iTunes.

Artemis Director’s Viewfinder is the third app explained in this article. The app allows one to achieve the perfect shot based on whatever format they have. Once they’re happy with the shot they’ve created they can email a pic of it to whomever they need to. If they want to add it onto their storyboard they can do that as well!

The fourth app is one I’ve been lucky enough to see in action. For a mere $5 on iTunes you can have a fully functioning camera slate, but get this, there’s more. You can input info on ISO speed, aperture and white balance, plus, syncing audio for dual-audio system shoots, which is fantastic! The price is low compared to physical camera slates so it lightens up the budget.

The fifth app is called ProPrompter, only $10 on iTunes, which allows for an on-the-go prompter. Have a few iPads to spare? Put them to use by syncing them to all the cameras you have so the person on screen has no trouble at all switching from camera to camera. The speed settings are nicely and easily adjustable.

The final app in this spectacular article is geared towards journalists but is important to mention nonetheless. At a cool price of $4, the TCoder allows for one to have the running camera synced to their iPhone or iPad and take notes that occur in real-time making the editors’ job easier. 

Why I chose this article:

 I chose this article primarily to show how technology is advancing the way we do things in film. The cameras we have today are beyond amazing, but when combined with the added power and efficiency the iPad and iPhone bring to productions, it’s astonishing. I’ve only ever heard of the slate app out of all the apps in this article. I had no idea how much we could do on these devices till this article came along. I chose this article because the information it gave me will save me time and money in the future. The most expensive app on here is only $30 bucks, and if one were to buy all these apps, they’d only pay $75 bucks. That’s below a $100 dollars! 

We all know how valuable it is to save money where you can, and this article helps you do that effectively by showing the camera slate app and the script writing app that allows you to bypass having to pay for an actual camera slate and Final Draft Pro software. Another way is how we’ve learned that time itself is money, and with ProPrompter being able to sync with multiple cameras at once, time is definitely saved. 

by Aaron Kohn in Tech on 10 August 2010